Fireflys belong to a Singapore habitat of artisans skilled in several mediums, especially the art of fire twirling. Fusing elements of theatre, dance, music and fire in its repertoire, they have created a balanced ecosystem of rhythmic beauty. Be enthralled as Fireflys take you into a fascinating realm of hypnotic magic and light.

"Tiki Twirl Sessions" is an educating and sharing arm of the Fireflys' wide umbrella of services, aimed to provide a greater learning platform for all in the larger community. Sessions are held fortnightly for anyone who is interested from beginners to intermediate levels. Tiki Twirl Sessions brings the promise of FUN!

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Singapore River Festival 2010
“Singapore River Childhood Memories” & Bumboat Parade
Come this June, be dazzled as fireflys performs at the Singapore River Festival 2010. Performing on specially designed bumboats by the Singapore River Cruises, it will be a rare visual treat as they set the river ablazed with themes from the 1930's to 1960's. Be sure to catch the 2 different presentations by fireflys!

Time: 8pm • Date: 25th to 27th June and 2nd to 3rd July 2010
Venue: Clark Quay, Boat Quay and Merlion Park


Multi - Platform Collaborations:
We are seeking to explore collaborations that extend across various creative mediums. And we are aiming to work together with creative groups/individuals to explore new productions or projects through a merging of expertise, culture, and diverse skills. No medium or direction is too zealous.

We bring to the plate, years of versatile performing experience with fire, ultra violet light, dance, theatre, movement, music, lighting and multimedia, amongst other skills. And is reflected in the re-invention of the troupe over various self-produced productions and collaborations like "Spellbound", "Heroes of La-La Land", "Black", "Kaleidoscope", "Happiness... Is" and “Illuminate”. We have participated in various events including Singapore Arts Festivals, in which we were voted as the best "art on the move act" for 2005, Bonfire Fire Festivals, charity concerts, and more.

So if you are an edgy choreographer, musician, photographer, film-maker, story-teller, festival organiser, musician, artist, director, producer, passionate student in the arts, action poet, or even installation artist in transition with a spark and passion for the local arts scene, BUZZ us! we do look forward to the endless joint adventures!

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Fireflys is currently not associated with Bornfire. Any references and communications should be directed to the Fireflys' contact points listed on the contact page.
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